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Why you have to use the Solav Pay card?

Because most of Solav Pay partner they can’t use Paypal account or Credit cards payment or some of user countries they don’t have own bank account to order and pay online.

Where can I use or Pay with Solav Pay card?

You can pay with Solav Pay card on online shops they have an agreement with Solav Pay Payment.

What can I buy with Solav Pay card?

You can buy any Product on online shops and pay with Solav Pay card, without bank account or Credit card.

How you get the Solav Pay card?

After ordering the Solav Pay card on you will get the coupon card by email within 24 hours.

Where can you use it?

You can use the Solav Pay card on more online shops in Worldwide to make the Payment online.  

Where you can buy Solav Pay card?

You can buy the Solav Pay card cash in offline shops in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and online for Worldwide on and pay with Credit card, Paypal, Klarna, bank transfer and Western Union.

What is Solav Pay?

The Solav pay is a secret coupon code to pay online for goods, you can use it for you or send as a gift to your friends or family anywhere in global to shop online on the websites which accept the Solav Pay.

How to use it?

You can use the Solav Pay card as a Payment method on online shops they accept Solav Pay card.

How much cost?

There are more charges for Solav Pay card on our website 100 €, 200 €, 300 €, 500 €, 1000 € amount.

How long is the card valid?

The Solav Pay card is valid till you used all the rest of charges, if you want you can get your rest amount back.

Can I change the Solav Pay card?

You can charge the Solav Pay card anytime and buy more voucher to charge again.