For Merchant

To whom is suitable for?

For Merchant in Kurdistan Region-Iraq and Worldwide.

Why I have to use Solav Pay as a Merchant?

Solav Pay is the best solution for Merchant who have an online shop in Kurdistan Region-Iraq and Worldwide to give their customers opportunity order and pay online easy without bank account, Paypal, or Credit card.

Do I need bank account or credit card?

Use Solav Pay Payment to get money directly without bank account or credit card.

How is the Payment process?

Sell your products online without Payment system complication.

How do I integrate it on my website.

Easy Integration on your website, we will help you to integrate it.

Is there any support to get help?

We support you any time and every time you need help.

How I get my money through Solav Pay?

Get your money cash without complication in our cash out stations on your bank account.

How much I have to pay as a merchant?

For our service we take just 6% of every sold Solav pay card.

Do you need more information and details?

You can contact us now to get more information.

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Sell your products and get your money cash by Solav Pay